Case Study: Casino Players Club Cards

Casinos are well known for having membership cards and Casinos in California are no different. Many casinos, including those in Southern California and Las Vegas, use AdvantIDge for all of their card printing needs for a complete membership ID solution. It’s quite common to see casinos using a complete card system consisting of two card printers and colorful magnetic stripe cards to produce hundreds, if not thousands, of membership cards to place into their guests hands. One Southern California in particular first started with three Zebra p330i printers from IDSupershop to kick off their card printing. After years of excellent printing, they traded in their printers to us for credit towards the upgraded Zebra ZXP 3 printer to produce even more beautiful players cards by the thousands. If you’ve been to a casino lately, you may have noticed that casinos pass out eye-catching membership cards to their players which are often shiny, jewel colored, or sparkly. These are magnetic stripe cards in silver, gold, platinum (and more!) colored cards to represent each tier of their membership program. Printing only in black ribbon contrasts boldly against these brightly colored cards, which is the recommended ribbon color for printing on colored cards. IDSupershop offers a wide variety of all of the ID card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of … Continue reading

Price Tag Printer Solutions

A fantastic way to utilize an ID badge printer in a new way! Print your own price tags on plastic cards and save time and money with plastic ID card printers. Personalized price tags on demand: A high quality, innovative solution. Enhance the image of your store with a premium, innovative price tag, personalized with your own design. Ensure the quality of your products using plastic cards that meet food safety requirements (ISEGA & TÜV certifications). Print your own price tags on the spot whenever you want. Update prices and products names as needed. Run new promotions and special offers whenever you want: gift cards, discount coupons, etc. Get more use out of your already existing badge printer system, or consider a new, convenient answer to the question of pricing tags for your small business! IDSupershop offers a wide variety of all of the ID card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of your asset tracking, visitor management, or ID card security needs. From card printers and supplies for issuance, through to badge clips and other peripherals to put them into your users hands. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your … Continue reading

State Healthcare ID Badge Law: Are you compliant?

As of June 1, the state of Pennsylvania’s new healthcare identification law is in effect, meaning organizations must now be fully compliant with HB 1482 (2010). HB 1482 (2010) requires that healthcare worker ID badges meet specific requirements, namely the inclusion of an employee’s name, photo, title in large, block letters and the facility name. These regulations are in place to protect not only the hospitals themselves, but their employees and patients as well. The organization tools the required badging system include safeguards to ensure qualified employees are the ones allowed certain interactions over others. The system makes employee identification instantly possible, even at a glance or from a distance. Pennsylvania is not alone in regulating ID requirements, as more and more states are setting standards. The recognized need for immediately recognizable ID badges is working its way to becoming federally mandated. Getting your system ready now is your opportunity to stay ahead of the needs of the rest of the hospital industry, as well as ensure the safety of both your patients as well as your staff. IDSupershop offers a wide variety of all of the ID card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of your asset … Continue reading

Pumping Iron: Monterey Sports Center ID Card Issuance

Located on the breathtakingly picturesque Monterey Peninsula, the Monterey Sports Center sits in a prime, hard-to-miss location. Taking up half a city block, it is considered by many to be the crown jewel of the city’s five recreational facilities. Boasting 77,000 square feet, the Center offers services and amenities including two indoor pools, waterslide, sun deck, a three-court gymnasium, fitness centers, sports café and pro shop, fitness assessment center, babysitting service, two group exercise studios, swimming programs (for all ages), Pilates, sports camps, on-site physical therapy, personal training, weight-loss programs, triathlon training and much more. Since opening its doors in 1992, the Center has prided itself on staying current, with both equipment and programs and services, to keep more than 3,000 members coming through its doors daily. As one step to ensuring it’s ahead of the curve, the Center’s management wanted to make improvements to more efficiently move group exercise guests through those doors— literally. Until recently, guests going to group exercise programs would check into the Center using punch cards, which could be time-consuming and slow the flow through the security doors. Although the Center had an ID card system, not all programs offered interfaced with its recreational program. … Continue reading