Two Shortcuts To Avoid When Printing ID Cards

Most people are looking for ways to save a few bucks, save time, or both. When it comes to ID card printing, you might be surprised to find out that the shortcuts you’ve decided to take are actually costing you more in the long run in both time and money. Pre-Punched Slot Cards Lets say you have hundreds of PVC cards to print that need to be attached to a lanyard. The most obvious solution is to purchase pre-punched slot cards. The time required to hand-punch hundreds of cards seems daunting to you, right? Well, this shortcut may actually end up causing some serious damage to your DTC (direct-to-card) printer. The printhead on a direct-to-card printer can come into contact with the edges surrounding the pre-punched slot in the cards, causing significant damage to your printhead. If this happens, you’ll begin to notice white lines appearing near the middle of your professional ID cards, meaning one or more pixels have been damaged and can no longer print on the ribbon. In this scenario, the only option you have is to replace your printhead, which can cost hundreds of dollars. If you know you need to print on a lot of pre-punched slot cards, you should … Continue reading

Tips For a Healthy ID Card Printer: Printer Maintenance

Often we at IDSupershop are asked by our clients for a few basic suggestions to get the most life out of their ID badge machine. Though every card printer is a little bit different, and all of the manufacturer’s have their own specific ideas and guidelines, there are a few printer maintenance tips that every badge printer has in common that can help you get started down the road of ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Use the recommended ID card printer ribbon for your printer and make sure it is installed correctly. A properly installed ribbon will be aligned and fit securely. Always use good quality blank ID cards that are clean and make sure they stay free from dust on the shelf and in the ID card printer. Routinely clean the ID card printer. A good rule of thumb is to clean your ID card printer every time you replace the printer ribbon. Be sure to use the cleaning products and procedures recommended by the manufacturer. Always keep your ID card printer located in a clean environment where it won’t be exposed to excessive dust, moisture, coffee, soda, etc… These simple steps can prevent the most … Continue reading

Going Green with IDSupershop Environmental Friendly Products

IDSupershop has a long history of environmental consciousness, with our greening efforts touching every aspect of our operation, from our catalog to production to our facility. We remain committed to always being a responsible steward of the environment, combining cutting-edge technology with ecologically responsible processes and products to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Recycled Products IDSupershop offers PVC made from post-consumer material. We find this to be both environmentally responsible – even more than bio-PVC and other supposedly Earth- friendly products – and clean white, meaning artwork isn’t affected. We will offer 100% recycled cards once that material is available. Biodegradable Fiberboard IDSupershop is excited to announce our new 30-mil fiberboard, the cost-effective way to go green! This fiber-based material is both recyclable and biodegradable!* 30% post-consumer recycled fiber 70% wood fiber from well managed, FSC-certified forest Two trees planted for each one harvested! Manufactured using aqueous technology and water-based coating No ozone-depleting chemicals used in process No chlorinated raw materials Perfect For: Hotel keycards Gift cards Game cards Door hangers Environmental cards Conference schedules Parking passes ID badges Posters For products up to 24″ x 30″ in size… and much, much more! *Unlaminated product is fully biodegradable. Adding … Continue reading

Making Great Looking Cards; Artwork Specs

The first thing that you should be considering the layout and contents of an identification card is the level of security that your card needs to contain. It might be visual elements, like photos or bar codes, or it might be digital information, like the data in a magnetic stripe or a RFID chip. Making sure these elements are correct and in place is paramount. After that, though, you might also want your card to look good. The static visual elements on your card, things like your company logo, or perhaps some kind of a background image, are a great opportunity for your organization to present itself in a professional and visually appealing way. Simply because the purpose of a card might be security concerns, there is no reason that it can’t also look good to anyone wearing them, or perhaps more importantly, to anyone not associated with your organization who might be visiting, or seeing who you are and who you represent, for the first time. Though it is possible to use virtually any layout program to design a card, most users are going to find that using a card issuance program is going to make their ID badge … Continue reading

Price Tag Printer Solutions

A fantastic way to utilize an ID badge printer in a new way! Print your own price tags on plastic cards and save time and money with plastic ID card printers. Personalized price tags on demand: A high quality, innovative solution. Enhance the image of your store with a premium, innovative price tag, personalized with your own design. Ensure the quality of your products using plastic cards that meet food safety requirements (ISEGA & TÜV certifications). Print your own price tags on the spot whenever you want. Update prices and products names as needed. Run new promotions and special offers whenever you want: gift cards, discount coupons, etc. Get more use out of your already existing badge printer system, or consider a new, convenient answer to the question of pricing tags for your small business! IDSupershop offers a wide variety of all of the ID card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of your asset tracking, visitor management, or ID card security needs. From card printers and supplies for issuance, through to badge clips and other peripherals to put them into your users hands. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your … Continue reading

Talking Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management refers to the act of processing and monitoring visitors to a facility and generating reports that summarize this activity. A typical visitor management system would include a number of different of pieces; an ID badge printer, card design software for issuance and any appropriate accessories. That only gets an ID badge into someone’s hands though. Then a set of readers and access controls, all managed by a comprehensive access control software that links it all together. All of the parts needs to work seamlessly in order to be effective. Industries from healthcare to education are searching for a comprehensive Visitor Management tool to keep their facilities secure. These systems help insure the organization of their resources and the safety of their clients. Without these systems “up” and always in place they companies themselves would have to close their doors in a short amount of time. The linchpin of a system of this type is definitely the visitor management software itself. There are a number of different titles available from a variety of manufacturers. Easy Lobby, Lobbytrack and Passagepoint softwares are all leading titles in the field. All offer a variety of different versions at different price points; highlighting various … Continue reading

How PVC Cards are Made

Here at AdvantIDge we are always interested in making sure we offer our clients the best quality in all of our products, from our ID badge printers, ribbons, cards as well as our supplies. Many people don’t really understand what the differences in quality can even be when it comes to a simple item; such as blank PVC cards. Knowing how a PVC card is made can make a big difference in knowing how to look for quality. Even though it might look like just a thin chunk of plastic, PVC cards are actually made up of at least a few even thinner layers of material. The material type, thickness  and number of the various layers, and quality of materials used all have a large effect on the end product. For example; a standard, normal blank white PVC card would be made of of up to several layers of white material layered to nearly the full thickness of the card. Two layers of 13 mil for example. Then there are typically a final layer on the top and bottom made of a VERY thin clear material that is specifically finished for a variety of looks and printing options. A card … Continue reading

BIO-PVC Card Biodegradability

PVC plastic cards have long been the industry standard for making ID Cards, but regular PVC is not a renewable resource. Taking care of our planet is important! ID SuperShop is proud to offer you Biodegradable PVC ID cards for your ID card system. These earth-friendly identification cards are available as blank, white, graphics quality ID cards, or with HiCo magnetic stripes, to serve your multiple system requirements. BIO-PVC ID cards naturally biodegrade when placed in fertile environments where microorganisms are present, such as in compost, waterways, the ocean, dirt, landfills and places where there are naturally occurring bacteria and fungi. While traditional PVC ID cards are not biodegradable, BIO-PVC cards completely biodegrade within one to five years when exposed to the above environments, making them an eco-friendly solution for keeping your organization safe and secure! If BIO-PVC ID cards are not exposed to specific environmental elements they will not biodegrade, however BIO-PVC cards can still biodegrade in landfills when exposed to the appropriate conditions (e.g., water, soil, nutrients, and naturally occurring bacteria and fungi). The biodegradability of BIO-PVC in landfills is slower than in composting environments because of the lack of oxygen within landfills, however anaerobic bacteria (microorganisms that … Continue reading