Incompatibility Evolis Premium Suite and Firmware

IDSupershop would like for users of Evolis printers to be aware of a small problem between the driver software that lives on their computer, and the firmware that lives on the printer. This is caused by a variety of things, from Windows updates to improperly updating the printer driver before updating firmware amongst others. The issue is correctable without the need for service, but IDSupershop is always happy to help out if you feel your obstacle requires extra service to get through. Symptom: The printer is detected as “offline” in the supervision mode in the Evolis Print Center. Communication with the printer and printing are not possible. Printers concerned: Evolis Zenius Evolis Primacy Evolis Elypso Evolis KC200 et Evolis KC200B Evolis Premium Suite version concerned:          (Published 10/07/2015)          (Published 27/08/2015)          (Published 25/09/2015)          (Published 14/10/2015)          (Published 19/11/2015) Printer firmware version concerned : 1607 (or above) The version “” (published 13/01/2016) of Evolis Premium Suite solves this incompatibility error. To solve the issue AdvantIDge recommends the updating of the Evolis Premium Suite in case the printer is detected as “Off line” in the Evolis Print Center or in case of running a concerned versions. Use the “Update verification wizard” tool, available from … Continue reading

Access Control Product Lifecycle Notification

IDSupershop is committed to providing the highest quality physical access control solutions to our customers. HID Global, an IDSupershop partner in access control products is implementing a change in their offing; a process for product lifecycle management simplifies that the portfolio and provides a more streamlined menu of products that enable easy and efficient selection of the right solution for each application. This process also provides operational efficiencies for IDSupershop and our partners, helping us to deliver on our commitment to improve the way we do business. As part of this product lifecycle management process, the following HID Global products will move to End of Life in the months ahead: Affected categories: Uncommon Controller Products Uncommon Credential Products Uncommon Credential Programmer Products Uncommon Indala Embedded Reader Components Uncommon Indala Reader Bezels and Accessories This doesn’t mean that IDSupershop is fazing out their support for access control systems. We’re simply streamlining our portfolio of offerings with a more focused listing of the best products on the market. You can still count on us as much as ever for all of your access control needs! IDSupershop offers a wide variety of all of the ID card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of … Continue reading

Primacy Offering New Features

In an effort to push performance and value to their highest limits, IDSupershop would like to let you know that Evolis has gone even further to improve their Primacy ID badge printer. In addition to the improvements in design announced earlier this year, the primacy now offers an even better set of advanced feature available on the model. Below you’ll find a brief description of the new features, as well as their expected availability date. COntact your sales representative at IDSupershop here for more options. Electro-mechanical locking system to secure the card issuance process The Primacy now features an electro-mechanical locking system which prevents the printer from being opened by unauthorized personnel in localized issuance of secure cards. This new feature meets the market requirements for instant issuance of financial cards as well as any application requiring a secured issuance process. Increased Monochrome Speed : up to 1,000 cards per hour For users with high monochrome throughput requirements, Primacy printers are now fitted with a new rear-ejection mode increasing the monochrome speed to up to 1,000 cards per hour. This standard feature is available on every Primacy entering in production beginning the end of May 2016. Color Touch Screen Display This new graphical … Continue reading

New Range of Card Printers for Self-Service Kiosks

IDSupershop would like to introduce a whole new  self-service kiosk printer line brought to you by their partner in Evolis. These customization systems are ideal for integration into a terminal, either kiosk or as automated devices. With new features, they are particularly compact and robust, while offering greater flexibility and autonomy for instant card printing. They offer the widest range of self-service card printing options on the market. Self-service card printing Instant card printing from free-standing terminals allows companies, banks, shops and even universities to improve the quality of service offered to their customers or students with immediate card printing and reduced waiting times. These printers are particularly suitable for issuing payment cards, membership cards, student cards, loyalty cards, ID badges or even gift cards. The new Evolis range aims to meet all requirements for the self-service personalization of single plastic cards with solutions customized to meet client specifications. The kiosk printer modules have a range of encoding options (magnetic stripe, smartcard and contactless smartcard), which can be combined; from a simple print to complex graphic customization of secure cards. A complete range for multiple requirements The range includes 4 printers (KC200, KC200B, KM500B, and KM2000B) divided into 2 different print modules. The … Continue reading

Two Factor Authentication Innovation with 2FA

IDSupershop would like to tell you about an exciting new method for access protection being offered by our partners over at 2FA. Their new integration software, called 2FA ONE SSO is a great new option for taking advantage of all of the security that a two factor authentication system can add to your system while keeping implementation as integration simple and painless. Passwords are the most common form of authentication used in the world today. Unfortunately, passwords are also the weakest form of authentication and the most cumbersome to maintain. Two factor authentication functionality removes the need to repeatedly type or manage usernames and passwords. Users typically manage ten or more application passwords and have to enter each countless times throughout the day. By implementing 2FA ONE SSO, users only need to sign in once and 2FA ONE does the rest! This streamlines workflows and drives adoption of line of business applications. On average 2FA ONE SSO will save your users 15 minutes per day by streamlining sign-on and access to critical information. The solution is proven in hundreds of organizations and thousands of applications around the world. The solution was designed to work with all modern applications. Integrated application profiling … Continue reading

New Evolis Printer Driver for the Windows 10 Environment

IDSupershop is happy to announce that their partner, Evolis, has completed development of a new driver for their current line of printers. A printer driver is a software interface used by an operating system to control a specific printer. The Evolis printers are managed by a software suite (driver and software) called Evolis Premium Suite or Badgy Premium Suite for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. To meet the needs of improvements, Evolis has a policy of continuous development on its software suite. This has been particularly true since Microsoft’s release of the Windows 10 version of the operating system, and the badge printer industry’s need to meet demand. As part of its continuous improvement policy, Evolis has developed new software suite for the following printers: Zenius Primacy Elypso Badgy 100 & Badgy 200 Zenius, Primacy and Elypso Printers have a common driver (Evolis Premium Suite). Badgy 100 & Badgy 200 have also a common driver (Badgy Premium Suite). The latest version of “Premium Suite” is and has been published on September 25th, 2015 on the Evolis website. In addition to the setup files, Evolis publishes a history file which includes all details about the latest version. Evolis recommends you to update … Continue reading

IDSupershop Thanksgiving 2015

Greetings and happy holidays! Like most of the rest of the industry, and businesses in general, we are writing to let you know that IDSupershop will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year and giving our employees the opportunity to spend extra time with their families and loved ones this weekend. This means that we will be unavailable on Thursday and Friday of this week, November 26th and 27th. Due to our normal business hours not including Saturday and Sundays, we will not be resuming normal business hours until Monday, November 30th. Please keep this in mind for your ID Badge printer supply needs as we move into the holidays, as orders are likely to take longer for delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience. With that being said we do hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving that starts off a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to help you with all of your badge printing and access control needs starting right back up Monday morning.

IDSupershop Early Closing Day

In an effort to foster good employee synergy, IDSupershop will be closing early on Monday, November 9th, 2015 for internal employee meetings. We will be ceasing operations at approximately 2:00 pm Pacific time and will not be resuming operations until Tuesday, November 10th. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. All messages will receive  a response as early as possible once normal operation resumes. All other hours of operation during the week will be normal. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes, and will do our best to help you be successful in any way we can. Thank you for your understanding and have a great day.

The New Enduro3E ID Printer from Magicard

Introducing the completely new Enduro3E from Magicard, brought to you by the most experienced name in the ID badge printer industry, AdvantIDge. It is a completely new device by one of the most reliable manufacturers in the business, and we’re happy to make it available to you. The Enduro3E has all of the great features you expect from the Magicard line of products; Trusted To protect the security of your organisation, you need ID cards that can be relied upon. Every card printed on the Magicard Enduro3E’s tried and tested platform can be secured with a HoloKote® Flexible Batch print with the interchangeable 100-card feeder or print one-offs or rewritable cards with the hand-feed card slot at the front. anti-fraud watermark. Smart The USB interface, Ethernet and Microsoft certified, Mac OS X compatible, plug and play driver make the Enduro3E easy to install and easy to use. For additional electronic security, both magnetic stripe and smart card in-line encoding options are available. Adaptable Available off-the-shelf as single or double-sided, you can also upgrade a single-sided Enduro3E to enable duplex printing with a unique drop-in field enhancement. When it comes to secure and reliable ID card printing, you can trust the … Continue reading

Nisca PR-C101 ID Badge Printer Limited Time Offer

A great price on one of the industry’s leading manufacturers on a great ID badge printer. LIMITED TIME OFFER – 5 Year Warranty! As many fiscal years are coming to a close by months end, we wanted to provide a special offer for one of the most durable printers in the industry. Starting today and running through October 31st, 2015, we can offer the NiSCA PR-C101 Single Sided Printer with a 5 YEAR/10,000 print warranty. (Warranty period ending on which ever mark is reached first) IDSupershop offers a wide variety of all of the ID card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of your asset tracking, visitor management, or ID card security needs. From card printers and supplies for issuance, through to badge clips and other peripherals to put them into your users hands. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your identification goals. For specific information please contact our Sales department at or call 877-943-7467 for more information on this update, we provide excellent customer service